Monday, 11 November 2013

My publisher experience with BreezeAds

My publisher experience with BreezeAds 

Every web publisher feels proud on his/her occupation. Of course, we do something that can’t be done by everybody and meanwhile we also help others in a very productive manner. We also generate income for us in a different way, a way that is not used by everyone. 

But if we miss out on choosing the right PPC Ad network, then our earnings may go significantly down and we may need to pick a 9 - 5 job. So we need to find the best performing ad networks which can pay us enough for our survival and affiliate marketing profits scale. 

Google Adsense comes to mind as a first name but there is nothing bad in giving other networks a try. After all, owner of those networks are also entrepreneurs like us; and if we use their ad networks then we will not only increase earning opportunities for ourselves, but we will also help them in becoming bigger. 

Personally in my opinion, every entrepreneur should help another entrepreneur. Being a web publisher like you guys, I love to try new and contextual Ad Networks for earning purposes. From last few months, I was trying a new PPC Ad Network on my websites known as 

So in this article I am going to tell you what I found in last 3 months of testing. First thing that I liked the most about BreezeAds is this that they share 90% of advertising revenue with their publishers. Their CPCs are also just fine and they can pay even higher CPCs if our sites are getting huge traffic. 

During the period of my testing, earnings which came from BreezeAds were nearly equal to the earnings which came through Adsense. I used equal ad slots of both ads on my websites and tried all the things I knew for minimizing the impact of any other factors which may affect earnings like placement of ads, traffic and so on. So you can say that it is a noticeable increase in earnings. 

You will also love the fact that minimum payout limit of BreezeAds is as low as $10. Not like Adsense, where we need to wait for at least $100 and pray for your check to come. Account approval system of BreezeAds is also very fast as compared to any other ad network. 

They approve accounts within 24 hour of submitting the application. 24 is the maximum time, most accounts get accepted within 12 – 16 hours of submitting the application. Adsense also disapproves small websites, but with BreezeAds, most websites get accepted. Ad relevancy to webpage’s content is also a lot better in BreezeAds as compared to any other network. 

Their algorithms are very smart in choosing relevant ads since they have spent several years of hard work in developing them. And ad relevancy also affects earnings in many ways, I hope you know that. I also loved it that they do not restrict us to use ad slots of any other PPC Ad networks on our webpages. 

So what I want to say finally, BreezeAds is a great PPC contextual ad network for any web entrepreneur. It can help you a lot in boosting your earnings! More details can be found at pay per click

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